My Story

I’m Hayden, the founder of Wild Woman. Growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho was an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise—my parents often took my brother and me on long backpacking trips, day hikes, and car camping trips. Despite this early exposure to the outdoors, I didn’t actually take to being in the wild until after college when I started rock climbing. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with all outdoor sports: climbing, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, and camping. As a woman who has often felt uncomfortable in some of these male-dominated sports and environments, I aspire to create an inclusive environment for all self-identified women to feel safe and have fun learning new outdoor activities or just enjoying the company of other women in the outdoors!

I’m also a freelance writer and editor working for a variety of publications including magazines, websites, blogs, and newspapers. Feel free to check out my work here

Stay wild!