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Wild Woman: Coalition Snow and SISU Founder Jen Gurecki

Jen Gurecki has been described as a “serial entrepreneur,” a fitting moniker for the founder of Coalition Snow, a company that makes skis and snowboards for women “tired of watered-down and pinked-up men’s equipment, and Zawadisha, a social enterprise based out of Kenya that finances the livelihoods of rural women. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of SISU Magazine, a quarterly publication that tells untold stories of the outdoors, and the co-host of the podcast Juicy Bits. The

Make Climbing Your Own

Rock climbing can be an intimidating sport. There’s the gear, the secret-code-like language, the ego, and the risk. But with the rise of indoor climbing gyms and a more inclusive and welcoming community, the time is ripe for more people to get involved. I began climbing five years ago when an ex-boyfriend took me to a local crag and threw me on a rope. I was hooked. While the boyfriend went by the wayside, I found a new sport in my mid-20s that would change the direction of m


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