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Wild Woman: Umi Surf Yoga Founder Christina Irisarri

37-year-old Christina Irisarri (@umisurfyoga) grew up in Ferrol, a small village on the northwest coast of Spain, surfing with her family, some of the pioneers of surfing in Spain. She now lives at Doniños beach close by where she has started Umi Surf Yoga, a project to combine her loves of yoga and surfing. While surfing was something she was practically born into—and has traveled the world doing—yoga came later in life. A breast cancer survivor, Christina found yoga to be s

Wild Woman: Skier McKenna Peterson

Like so many who grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, McKenna Peterson (@mck_p) has been on skis since she was 2. The former Freeskiing World Tour competitor switched to big mountain skiing in 2007 and now spends her winters skiing in her hometown and getting helicoptered into places to ski stunning big mountain lines. While she’s sponsored—currently by K2 skis, SCOTT sports, Xtratuf, Stanley, and Ridge Merino—she still works summers on her father’s commercial fishing boat in Alaska

Wild Woman: Coalition Snow and SISU Founder Jen Gurecki

Jen Gurecki has been described as a “serial entrepreneur,” a fitting moniker for the founder of Coalition Snow, a company that makes skis and snowboards for women “tired of watered-down and pinked-up men’s equipment, and Zawadisha, a social enterprise based out of Kenya that finances the livelihoods of rural women. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of SISU Magazine, a quarterly publication that tells untold stories of the outdoors, and the co-host of the podcast Juicy Bits. The

Wild Woman: Wild Hearts Idaho's Maggie Benedetti

Growing up in Boise camping and exploring with her family, Maggie Benedetti was exposed to the outdoors from an early age, an experience she felt really helped her to find herself. Now as a mother herself and living back in Boise, Maggie is the founder and Executive Director of Wild Hearts Idaho, an organization founded to build leadership skills in teens ages 12-18 through outdoor adventure. The girl-focused and girl-led group was founded in 2016 with a hike to Table Rock in

Women Hit a Wall: Finding Empowerment at City of Rocks

In the fall of 2014, I found my calling: rock climbing. While growing up in Idaho backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding, I never felt a sense of belonging in those communities and didn’t call myself a passionate outdoorswoman. Then my boyfriend at the time invited me to go rock climbing at an area close to my hometown of Ketchum, Idaho. The boyfriend didn’t last, but the feeling of empowerment I felt while climbing did and thus began a lifelong foray into the world of rock cl

Make Climbing Your Own

Rock climbing can be an intimidating sport. There’s the gear, the secret-code-like language, the ego, and the risk. But with the rise of indoor climbing gyms and a more inclusive and welcoming community, the time is ripe for more people to get involved. I began climbing five years ago when an ex-boyfriend took me to a local crag and threw me on a rope. I was hooked. While the boyfriend went by the wayside, I found a new sport in my mid-20s that would change the direction of m

Wild Woman: Artist and Skier Larissa DeHaas

I have never known anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes skiing as much as Larissa DeHaas. Her Instastories in the summer often lament the end of skiing and counting the days until the snow comes while every workout, meal, equipment purchased, and friend in her life somehow adds to her skiing experience. The 30-year-old who rides for Elevated Locals works on the park crew at Dollar Mountain in the winter, garnering her an enviable free ski pass to Sun Valley Resort. Throughou


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