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Climbers Love Bishop, California, for its Rocks, Routes, Vistas, and Vibes

The small town of Bishop, California, in the eastern Sierras is home to an astounding amount of climbing — both bouldering and sport. For that, this region has for years been a draw for both professional climbers and novices. Getting to Bishop definitely means driving, but the town itself is so charming, with plentiful climbing opportunities and close-by camping, that climbers will come again and again to get to know it. On a map, Bishop looks close to well-known places like

Dump-Diving in Bishop, California

Have you ever found yourself at a dump, digging through a mountainous pile of sharp, discarded metal objects, looking for a pair of crutches? Of course not, who the hell has? Sadly, this is an experience I now have and one I hope to never repeat. It was spring break of 2016 and a few girlfriends and I had decided to go climb in Bishop for a week. I live a few hours from Boise, Idaho where they live so I drove to town, picked them up, and started the 10-hour drive to Bishop. S


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