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Wild Woman: Nicole Jorgenson

Nicole Jorgensen is a true embodiment of the outdoor lifestyle—summer on bikes, winter on skis. The 28-year-old grew up in California until moving at the age of 10 to Idaho where she watched her brothers race bikes and would eventually get into it herself. Nicole has worked in several bike shops and even represents women’s bike company Wild Rye as a member of their “pro” team. In the winter, she works as a ski patroller on local Bald Mountain and an EMT for the fire departmen

Wild Woman: Wood River Trail Coalition’s Kya Goldschlager

Growing up in Connecticut, Kya Goldschlager got her first experiences with the outdoors while attending summer camps in New Hampshire. But what truly cemented her relationship to the outdoors was attending Prescott College in Arizona where she met her now husband, James, and took her first trip to Sun Valley. Since then, Kya’s done a bit of everything: worked for Trek bikes, picked huckleberries commercially, worked at ski resort Schweitzer as well as several outdoor leadersh

Take a Trip To Sun Valley--And Go For a Ride

There are literally hundreds of mountain bike trails and rides in the Sun Valley area — encompassing Ketchum, Hailey, Galena, the Sawtooths and more. So how is a mountain biker to choose? Here are some of the most popular rides in the area ranging from beginner to advanced. Fall is the perfect time to try this sport or to head to the Sun Valley area. Perfect temperatures, sunny days and beautiful fall leaves in the canyons make for a great seasonal outing. For more informatio

Wild Woman: Dirt Chalk Bags Founder Julianne Mahoney

At just 23 years old, Julianne Mahoney is already a registered dietician and the owner/founder of Dirt Chalk Bags. While these two things might seem unconnected, it’s Julianne’s love of the outdoors and sports like climbing and biking that has led her to become an intuitive eating dietician specializing in sports nutrition. Her company Dirt Chalk Bags is a labor of love, with Julianne personally hand-sewing each of her chalk bags, backpacks, snack bags, and dog bandanas and u

No Boys Allowed Part 2: Women-Only Outdoor Rec in Boise, Idaho

Women’s-only recreation groups are on the rise, providing a safe space to learn and communicate, enjoying being surrounded by women—or just getting away from the gaze of men. The outdoor industry and outdoor groups have started to target women more to ensure participation from women, a category of outdoor enthusiasts that has historically participated less than men. A report from the Girl Scout Research Institute cited that preschool girls are 16% less likely to be taken outs

No Boys Allowed: Women's Only Rec in Sun Valley, Idaho

Despite the many strides women have made to be seen as equals to men, women’s representation in outdoor recreation is still lacking. Statistics compiled by The Outdoor Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Outdoor Industry Association, show that from 2009-2017, women’s outdoor participation has remained steadily in the mid 40% range while men’s is always at the mid 50% range. A number of reasons contribute to these numbers: women not being introduced to the outdoors as a chil

Wild Woman: Pro Athlete Rebecca Rusch

The Sun Valley area has always been known for its athletes from Olympic skiers to world-renowned rock climbers. Rebecca Rusch, originally from Chicago, has called Sun Valley her home and training grounds for the last 15 years. The ultra endurance pro athlete and world champion’s career has included numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, expedition racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing and most recently, mountain biking. Though other towns may have bette


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