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Van Life: Annekathrin Rothe

Annekathrin Rothe or Anni (@travelingbybus) has lived in numerous vans over the year before settling into her current 42-year-old Mercedes bus Elsa. The freelance digital designer and content creator from Germany has traveled the world living in various vehicles, a lifestyle she embraced rather than go the standard path of working in an office all day for the rest of her life. Name: Annekathrin Rothe Age: 33 Vehicle type: Mercedes Benz L407d Time spent in the Mercedes van: so

Wild Woman: Skier McKenna Peterson

Like so many who grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, McKenna Peterson (@mck_p) has been on skis since she was 2. The former Freeskiing World Tour competitor switched to big mountain skiing in 2007 and now spends her winters skiing in her hometown and getting helicoptered into places to ski stunning big mountain lines. While she’s sponsored—currently by K2 skis, SCOTT sports, Xtratuf, Stanley, and Ridge Merino—she still works summers on her father’s commercial fishing boat in Alaska

Wild Woman: Crag to Crux Founder Raee Lorton

“Will Send for Seltzer,” “On My Way to Flash Your Project,” “Fuck Your Beta.” These are just a few of the messages on some of Crag to Crux’s products (a personal favorite of mine is the pin that says “Not Cocaine” which I have on my chalk bag). Crag to Crux owner and founder, 28-year-old Raee Lorton started her company as a side project, a way to tap into her creative, artistic side while working her day job as an environmental scientist. But what started as a simple Etsy pro

Van Life: Charlotte Kilborn

I first met Charlotte Kilborn at a Friendsgiving dinner party years ago when she rolled into town from Bellingham with her friend Kim and her dog Beacon (also known as “Beacon Bones”). Guests at the party took turns going outside to check out the amazing van that Charlotte was living in, a setup that was both practical and whimsical with its small details like animal skulls, plants, and art on the walls. She spent three years living in that van which allowed her to save enoug


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