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Wild Woman: For the Love of Climbing Creator Kathy Karlo

While the headline for this Q&A lists Kathy’s title as the creator of For the Love of Climbing podcast, she does so much more than that. In 2016, Kathy originally made a film titled For the Love of Climbing which won an award at the No Man’s Land Film Festival of which she is now the Executive Director. In addition to hosting her climbing podcast, Kathy lives on the road, climbing and freelance writing for publications such as Alpinist, Climbing, and Outside. Where did you gr

Wild Woman: Functional Nutritionist Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner as well as HAES (Health at Every Size) practitioner—something that’s becoming more and more important in the battle against diet culture, particularly in the outdoor industry. The 35-year-old lives in Boise, Idaho where she loves spending time in the outdoors and helping clients to find a sustainable lifestyle. Tell me about your views/philosophy on nutrition and how you relate that to your clients/work? What is

Wild Woman: Navajo Native Shaandiin Cedar

Shaandiin Cedar (pronounced “ShawnDean”) (@shaaandiiin) grew up in northern Arizona on the Navajo reservation. A Navajo tribal member, the 28-year-old uses her status to elevate native and indigenous issues, justice, and sustainability and is also an ambassador for Natives Outdoors, a clothing brand that empowers native and indigenous communities through their products and storytelling. While for many, being passionate about the outdoors is a hobby, for Shaandiin, it was ingr

Van Life: Ellie Hoover and Moose

Maryland native Ellie Hoover and her cat Moose (@the_moosecaboose) moved into a converted Sprinter van a little over a year ago. Vanlife seemed more attainable to Ellie than her previous goal of tiny house living and she couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience. Read on to learn about her life as a solo female vanlifer. Name: Ellie Age: 29 Vehicle type: 2005 Dodge Sprinter Time spent in van: A little over a year Hometown: Takoma Park, MD Average monthly expenses: Appr

Van Life: Minna Kulmala

Finnish-born Minna Kulmala has been living the minimalist lifestyle for years—even before moving into the first of her vans. Her current van, Kiito, is home to her and her rescue dogs Chaos and Kaino and is parked in Spain, her favorite locale to live in to escape the arctic winters of Finland. The web designer and photographer works on the road under the name of Bhakti Creative and spends her free time in nature as much as possible! Name: Minna Kulmala Age: 34 Vehicle type:

Wild Woman: Qualified Olympic Climber Kyra Condie

One of just four American climbers to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, 23-year-old Kyra Condie (@kyra_condie) has been climbing since she was 11 years old, climbing and competing despite having severe scoliosis. She had a spinal fusion surgery in 2010 to correct the curvature of her spine and her career took off with her becoming a regular at pro competitions and becoming a Bouldering World Cup finalist. The University of Minnesota grad is now based out of Salt Lake City where

Wild Woman: Climbing Escapes Founder Emma Contaoe

Based out of her hometown of Montreal, Emma Contaoe (@emmacontaoe) is the founder of Climbing Escapes where she leads rock climbing trips and womxn empowerment climbing retreats in Quebec. The 30-year-old came to love climbing in 2013 after learning in both Australia and Thailand during some of her many travels. Climbing Escapes was founded in 2016 as a way of providing more accessibility to beginning climbers in Quebec. The FQME certified rock climbing instructor offers intr

Wild Woman: Leave No Trace Trainer Liz Lunderman

Growing up in the Adirondacks of New York, Liz Lunderman got a small taste of the outdoors—and got a bigger taste when she moved to Washington in her mid-twenties and started mountain biking and split boarding. Before moving to Bremerton west of Seattle, Liz did some world traveling, both for herself and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania. While her volunteer stint was a mixed experience, traveling and her love of the outdoors inspired her to pass that passion on to young

Van Life: Shari May

Native Australian Shari May (@vanlifewithme) sold most of her belongings two years ago and moved fulltime into a converted camper van called “Milly.” In addition to the usual reasons for moving into a van like lost cost of living and ease of travel, Shari was drawn to the minimalism of this lifestyle, the smaller environmental footprint of this lifestyle, and the freedom overall to go where life takes her. Working for National Parks and Wildlife Service keeps her busy and mos

Wild Woman: Artist Lauren Echo

Self-taught artist/illustrator Lauren Echo (@echo.lauren) is a busy gal—despite being a full-time student, the 21-year-old still has time to dedicate to her art and has even collaborated with awesome people like Kula Cloth, Lucy & Yak, Big Raven Yoga, and Dirt Chalk Bags. She recently placed in an art competition for Brighton Ski Resort to have her art hung in the resort. Lauren’s art—as seen in her stickers, pouches, bags, prints, and yoga mats—is fun and playful and represe

Van Life: Annekathrin Rothe

Annekathrin Rothe or Anni (@travelingbybus) has lived in numerous vans over the year before settling into her current 42-year-old Mercedes bus Elsa. The freelance digital designer and content creator from Germany has traveled the world living in various vehicles, a lifestyle she embraced rather than go the standard path of working in an office all day for the rest of her life. Name: Annekathrin Rothe Age: 33 Vehicle type: Mercedes Benz L407d Time spent in the Mercedes van: so

Wild Woman: Outside Magazine's Abbie Barronian

I’ve written for a lot of magazines and over the course of my lifetime, subscribed to many. But my favorite magazine, hands-down, is Outside. Its content encompasses all of my own outdoor interests while providing new information in a fun way. I had the opportunity to speak to Abbie Barronian about her experience as an Associate Editor at Outside (one of several) where she has worked for the past three years. The 27-year-old is based out of Santa Fe where she’s able to incorp

Wild Woman: Umi Surf Yoga Founder Christina Irisarri

37-year-old Christina Irisarri (@umisurfyoga) grew up in Ferrol, a small village on the northwest coast of Spain, surfing with her family, some of the pioneers of surfing in Spain. She now lives at Doniños beach close by where she has started Umi Surf Yoga, a project to combine her loves of yoga and surfing. While surfing was something she was practically born into—and has traveled the world doing—yoga came later in life. A breast cancer survivor, Christina found yoga to be s

Wild Woman: Thru-Hiker Katelin Reeser

Thru-hiking has been around long before Reese Witherspoon threw a boot over a cliff in the movie adaptation of Wild. 33-year-old Katelin Reeser (@katethewild) has been an avid hiker since a life-changing hike in 2014 in Lake Tahoe, California. Since then, the jewelry maker/metalsmith and photographer has thru-hiked the John Muir Trail in 2019, the Long Trail in 2020, and hopes to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in 2021 after plans to do it in 2020 were canceled due to Covi

Wild Woman: Skier McKenna Peterson

Like so many who grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, McKenna Peterson (@mck_p) has been on skis since she was 2. The former Freeskiing World Tour competitor switched to big mountain skiing in 2007 and now spends her winters skiing in her hometown and getting helicoptered into places to ski stunning big mountain lines. While she’s sponsored—currently by K2 skis, SCOTT sports, Xtratuf, Stanley, and Ridge Merino—she still works summers on her father’s commercial fishing boat in Alaska

Van Life: Issia

The culture of “vanlife” isn’t just based in the U.S.; there are people all over the world taking to their vehicles to explore the planet on their own. Issia (@issia85_vangirl), a French model, sold her possessions and left everything behind to move into her camper van “Cacou” to travel across the E.U. She made it to 28 countries in six months on her own before COVID struck and she “passed the torch” by selling her van to another young woman. Name: Issia Age: 35 Vehicle type:

Wild Woman: Crag to Crux Founder Raee Lorton

“Will Send for Seltzer,” “On My Way to Flash Your Project,” “Fuck Your Beta.” These are just a few of the messages on some of Crag to Crux’s products (a personal favorite of mine is the pin that says “Not Cocaine” which I have on my chalk bag). Crag to Crux owner and founder, 28-year-old Raee Lorton started her company as a side project, a way to tap into her creative, artistic side while working her day job as an environmental scientist. But what started as a simple Etsy pro

Wild Woman: LADY CRVSH CREW Founder Sabrina Padua

As its name implies, LADY CRVSH CREW is a group dedicated to empowering all womxn to be slaydies—ladies who slay, otherwise known as female climbers who crush while bring as much joy to climbing as they do progress for womxn in the sport. Originally founded as an Instagram page by five friends, LADY CRVSH CREW now hosts meetups in the Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and many climbing gyms; host crag clean-ups; and partners with climbing organizations and brands

Van Life: Natasha VanHorne

Names: Natasha and Rowyn Van Horne Ages: 30 and 5 Vehicle type: 2003 Ford Econoline e350 Time spent in Van: Full-time since July 2020 Hometown: Tehachapi, California Average monthly expenses: $1,100 (gas, insurance, phone bill, food, and paying off debt) What made you decide to move into a van? Tash: For years I had dreamt of vanlife. The idea of being able to travel or drive out deep into the woods, explore nature, and all for a fraction of the cost was appealing to me. I do

Wild Woman: Coalition Snow and SISU Founder Jen Gurecki

Jen Gurecki has been described as a “serial entrepreneur,” a fitting moniker for the founder of Coalition Snow, a company that makes skis and snowboards for women “tired of watered-down and pinked-up men’s equipment, and Zawadisha, a social enterprise based out of Kenya that finances the livelihoods of rural women. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of SISU Magazine, a quarterly publication that tells untold stories of the outdoors, and the co-host of the podcast Juicy Bits. The


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