• Hayden Seder

Photo Essay: Labor Day in Lander

For Labor Day weekend and to celebrate my 32nd birthday, I headed out to Lander with my friends Virginia and Julianne (and Julianne's 6-month-old puppy) for a long weekend of climbing. We decided to upgrade from dirtbag status by staying in a local motel which was also the host of the weekend's pug convention--who knew? While we only had two full days of climbing, we made the most of them. Day one we headed up to Wild Iris for cooler temps and got many routes under out belts before heading back to town to get takeout, watch Save the Last Dance and pass out. The next day, we went to the shady side of Sinks Canyon, a shockingly empty area despite its cool temps. We sent as many routes as our finger skin would allow before heading to the motel for naps, food, and to relax.

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